Let me talk about this for a moment: First off, this picture is beyond cute. But let me point out some things; bear with me as I ramble about these two precious cuties. 

Haruka is about to share his headphones with Makoto, though as you s
ee, Makoto has his own hanging around his neck. Haruka is reaching out with his earphone in hand as if he’s about to put the bud in Makoto’s ear himself, seeing as Makoto’s right hand, closest to the earphone, has a pencil in it. He’s glancing over at him, watching him, and by the way he’s putting himself out there and pushing himself into Makoto’s space, it seems as if its the most casual thing for them. 

Now Makoto;
He’s looking up at Haruka, smiling. 
Now Makoto has many smiles. He has his soft smile, his sweet smile, his caring and nervous smile, but this one is different. His lips aren’t pressed together and he looks like he could be laughing. Makoto and Haruka both have drinks. Now notice The wallet that’s sitting on the side of the table. Seemingly, it’s Makoto’s wallet, which would mean that Makoto paid for both his and Haruka’s drinks. Such a good boyfriend

Now Rei: 
Rei has a slight frown upon his face. His eyes are on Makoto and Haruka and he’s watching them as if he’s studying their actions, figuring them out. He looks as if he’s trying to read the two so he can process what’s going on between them. 

Now Kou; 
Kou has a smile on her face, as usual. But she’s glancing over Haruka, watching him as he interacts with his best friend. Her expression just says "I know". It’s an innocent and happy smile, a sweet and soft one. Her smiles usually are. But this one looks as if she’s happy to see Haruka interacting and sharing personal space with Makoto, seeing as Haruka isn’t one for physical affection and keeps his distance from others. 

Now Nagisa:
Nagisa is smiling as well. That’s normal for him, too. But like Kou, it’s like he just knows. He’s been around Makoto and Haruka long enough to understand their actions when near one another. He looks content. 

•Now Rin on the other hand; 
Rin normally doesn’t wear a smile on his face. A smile is usually replace with a small frown or his lips pressed in a straight line. Not the stoic expressions like Haruka, but a rougher look that shows he’s not exactly happy, nor sad. But he is wearing a frown in this picture. Not his usual one, but a much deeper frown that clearly says he’s not happy. His arms are crossed over his chest and he’s sitting up straight, his eyes narrowed as he glares over at Makoto. Not at Haruka, but Makoto. His body language is showing that he isn’t happy at what he’s seeing, and he isn’t happy with Makoto. He’s annoyed probably, and maybe even upset, angry and/or jealous.

Now excuse me as I go off and scream and flail around because, LOOK AT HOW FUCKING CUTE THIS IS. LIKE, SERIOUSLY. MAKOHARU, BITCHES!!! *Laughs evilly and rolls out the front door, down the street, to Japan, off the face of the earth and to the moon*  I’m so sorry. This ship has taken over my life. 

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