Marco Bodt♥


Marco Bodt

Jean is an art student with a major crush on Marco, his professor. One day in class Jean is doodling Marco, while he’s at his desk. He’s so focused that doesn’t realize Marco has gotten up and when he looks up again Marco’s not there then Marco taps Jean’s shoulder and says ,”I have a few more freckles on my nose.”


"His fingers are combing through my hair and I want to break down even further because this is the Marco that I let slip away, this is the Marco that I let die, this is the Marco that changed my entire life for the better, this is the Marco that I spent the rest of my life grieving the loss of and praying to over and over fruitlessly because maybe he’d hear me that time, maybe he’d hear me this time. 

This is the Marco I couldn’t save. And here we are, centuries later and worlds away, and he’s holding me in his arms and rocking me as I cry into his shoulder.”

Red Beanie Thursday feature: Once Then, Twice Again by jeankirstchein.

So this picture will make less than absolutely zero sense to anyone who hasn’t read OTTA. So that’s your first hint that you should read it, really. The second hint is that it’s a military boarding school AU with delicious tongue-in-cheek writing, and the text-message conversations [as well as a particularly hilarious sex scene] had me in stitches. Let’s just say that I laughed until I cried.


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"…it used to be that I couldn’t sit still for more than an hour or two at a time. Football wasn’t even my only sport - like, I was way more into it than anything else, but I did basketball, right, and ultimate frisbee every summer. Hockey, too, in the winter, when the lake was solid enough. And whenever I was having a bad day, I’d just grab my iPod and run around the lake, or head off to the outskirts of town. I can’t do any of that shit now.”

Red Beanie Thursday feature: Paper Cages by lalondes.

I’m not sure where to begin with Paper Cages. It’s well written, well researched, and as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking. There are so many nuances to this fic that I can really only recommend that you read it for yourself to see them all. It also deserves a shoutout for being the only fic to make me ship Eremin.


Commission for minah-ssi based off of this au~

Idk Jean’s working backstage doing smth important with that ribbon or w/e

LAD Marco: Shit he's so straight
LAD Jean: Shit I'm so gay


Marco is potentially casting an unbreakable spell of gay. 


Jean’s easily accepting his fate. UGH. I HAVE NO LIFE ANYMORE 


nerds inspired by (x)


can’t get off the Pastel/Punk train


this is always jean’s idea to make out on connie’s bed

he’s just so clever!!!!

is this even uNDERSTANDABLE??? ?

(something like this happened in one of the episodes of “that 70’s show”!!)